Wagner and Seattle

Only at a Seattle Ring

It's coming round for its final outing - The Seattle Ring - the 'green' Ring that looks to the gorgeous natural setting of this Pacific Northwest City for its inspiration, will be back this summer. There are some  major cast changes: Alwyn Mellor will sing Brunnhilde and Stefan Vinke, Siegfried but the sensitive, intelligent and beautiful production by Stephen Wadsworth will be unchanged. On its second, 2005, outing, Wadsworth had given the end of Götterdämmerung  a rethink and had come up with what is, for me, one of the most moving and visually stunning Ring finales ever.  What better way to spend a hot August week than listening to Wagner's music,  attending lectures from their excellent education department and a cast of guest speakers from across the globe and cooling off in the  forests or on the beaches that surround Seattle.

Seattle is unembarrassed in its celebration of Wagner during Ring Week. I'm pasting a shaky (sorry) video clip of the fountain behind the opera, here as an example.
I can't imagine this ever happening in Germany!

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